Michigan Vascular Society

The Michigan Vascular Society began in 1986 as the Detroit Vascular Society. 

As a developing sub specialty of general surgery, this group of young surgeons felt that is was necessary to meet quarterly in a nonthreatening collegiate environment to discuss issues common to all vascular surgeons.  Difficult clinical cases, governmental regulation, insurance reimbursement, and frivolous malpractice suits were addressed by the early members of the Society.

Thirty years later, the Michigan Vascular society still meets quarterly to foster the relationships, share insight, and overcome challenges of practicing in an ever evolving field.  Challenging case presentations, quality initiatives via the VQI, and most recently the administration of oral exams for our residents and fellows, represent some of the activities of the society that demonstrate the evolution the MVS has made and yet remained true to its founding principles.  

Michigan Vascular Society now celebrates its 32nd year! 

We are grateful to the following Presidents who have served MVS and its members over the years:

1985 Szilagy, Emerick
1986 Szilagy, Emerick
1987 Szilagy, Emerick
1988 Berguer, Ramon
1989 Robb, Herbert
1990 Sherrin, Frederick
1991 Pfeifer, John
1992 Elliott, Joseph
1993 Glover, John
1994 Zelenock, Gerald
1995 Robson, Larry
1996 Dall'Olmo, Carlo
1997 Reddy, Daniel
1998 Hans, Sachinder
1999 Kinning, Wayne
2000 Sugiyama, George
2001 Shepard, Alexander
2002 Wolk, Seth
2003 Lee, Robert E.
2004 Lee, Robert E.
2005 Nypaver, Timothy
2006 Nypaver, Timothy
2007 Nolan, Kevin
2008 Nolan, Kevin
2009 Wakefield, Thomas
2010 Wakefield, Thomas
2011 Shanley, Charles
2012 Shanley, Charles
2013 Bove, Paul
2014 Bove, Paul
2015 Henke, Peter
2016 Henke, Peter
2017 Oppat, William
2018 Oppat, William

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